Silver Bell Tree School


Empowering Minds, Inspiring Futures

At Silver Bell Tree School, we are committed to providing a rigorous and comprehensive academic program that prepares students for success in an ever-changing world. Our holistic approach to education goes beyond textbooks and exams, focusing on critical thinking, creativity, and real-world application of knowledge.

📙 Curriculum 📙

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, fostering intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and a love for learning. Drawing from best practices in education, we offer a well-rounded program that encompasses

Core Subjects

Specialized Programs

In addition to our core curriculum, we offer a range of enrichment programs to further enhance the learning experience. From academic competitions and STEM clubs to creative arts
workshops and leadership development initiatives, we provide students with diverse opportunities to explore their interests, develop new skills, and pursue their passions.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Spark Curiosity, Ignite Potential: Why SBTS is Perfect for Your Child

At Silver Bell Tree School (SBTS), learning goes beyond textbooks. We spark curiosity and ignite potential through engaging extracurricular activities.

  • Explore & Discover: Field trips, quizzes, and special events fuel a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.
  • Thriving Together: Sports activities and annual functions build confidence, teamwork, and future leaders.
  • Celebrate Individuality: A variety of fun activities cater to every unique learner.

SBTS: Nurturing well-rounded, confident children. Schedule your visit today!

Assessment and Evaluation

We believe in assessing student progress in a meaningful and comprehensive manner. In addition to traditional exams and assessments, we use a variety of formative and summative evaluation
techniques to measure student learning and growth. Our assessment practices are designed to provide timely feedback, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate achievements.

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