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At Silver Bell Tree School Daycare, we believe in Nurturing Young Minds & Growing Hearts. Our daycare provides a warm and stimulating environment where children blossom under the care of experienced and loving teachers. Through play-based learning, social interaction, and a focus on social-emotional development, we prepare each child for a smooth transition to preschool and a lifelong love of learning.

Our Services

Full Daycare

6 Months to 10 Years
SBTS offers comprehensive full-day and extended daycare services for children aged 6 months to 10 years. We understand that these formative years are not just filled with joy but are also a critical period of rapid brain development. Each day, every interaction, and every engagement during this time lays the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.
SBTS’s Daycare program includes:
  • A carefully designed, age-appropriate daycare methodology tailored to early childhood development.
  • Numerous outdoor and indoor play areas, along with a well-equipped library to foster a love for reading.
  • Well-lit, ventilated, and temperature-controlled rooms maintained to the highest safety and hygiene standards.
  • A quality-controlled kitchen providing nutritionally balanced snacks and lunches, carefully planned by early years’ dieticians.

After School Care

2 Years to 10 Years
SBTS, in partnership with renowned experts, introduces an exceptional After School Enrichment and Care program tailored for children enrolled in formal schools seeking enriching extracurricular activities after their school day or for those who are a part of SBTS’s morning programs but want to be constructively engaged through the evening.
The program (ASEP) offers a well-structured array of activities that allow children to further their exploration, learning, play, and overall growth and is designed to promote holistic development through engaging activities such as:
  • Early Sport Skills
  • Yoga
  • Art & Craft
  • Performing Arts
  • Homework Support

Emergency Daycare

3 Years to 10 Years
Ad-hoc (Emergency) Daycare, available from 9 am to 6 pm, is a special offering reserved for parents who have already registered for this program. The program aims to provide a safe and nurturing space for little ones when parents find themselves needing to attend to urgent tasks. To learn more about this program, reach out to a centre closest to you.

Child Care At It’s Best

Health & Safety

Stringent safety protocols, thoughtfully crafted in accordance with guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), British Safety Council, and WHO. A safety team certified by NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) and IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health). Centres equipped with a dedicated, trained, and vaccinated safety officer, security guard, and nurse to ensure your child's well-being at all times.

Parent Communication

Parents are vital partners in strengthening the concepts introduced in the KLAY setting. Our exclusive Live CCTV access keeps parents connected to their child during their absence, offering a glimpse into our learning and childcare approach. Stay informed about your child's daily adventures through our daily tracking app and receive program-specific monthly newsletters. We also regularly monitor and report on your child's developmental milestones.

Trained Caregivers

Our caregivers are not only fully vaccinated but also well-trained. Their extensive induction training covers health and safety standards, childcare, and essential soft skills. We maintain a continuous commitment to protocol adherence and ongoing skill development to ensure the highest standards of care.

Corporate Tie-Ups

We assist corporates in fostering a family-friendly work environment by offering our childcare support. Our top-notch early childhood care allows women to return to work with confidence, knowing their child is well-cared for in a nurturing environment, that feels like a second home. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on families, one step at a time. We also offer state-of-the-art exclusive daycare facilities for your employees, available both on-site and near-site.

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